ABOUT SHADOWS is going to perform at AAG2019, NORWAY

3rd September STARS' WELL is going to show dance theatre performance "ABOUT SHADOWS" in Kristiansand, Norway, at the ASSITEJ ARTISTIC GATHERING 2019

ASSITEJ ARTISTIC GATHERING is one of the biggest and most important annual gatherings of performers and scholars within the field of performing arts for a young audience. It`s the “Olympic games” of children`s theater. ASSITEJ Norway and their SAND festival in Kristiansand has been chosen as host for the AAG in 2019, and more than 500 international delegates are expected. Parallel to the AAG, the Nordic-Baltic national centers of ASSITEJ are co-hosting the Nordic Venue - a fringe focusing on the region`s performing arts.

ASSITEJ unites theatres, organizations and individuals throughout the world who make theatre for children and young people. ASSITEJ is dedicated to the artistic, cultural and educational rights of children and young people across the globe. ASSITEJ has national centers in around 100 countries around the world.