This year contemporary dance project „VIDES DEJA” goes to municipality of Luznava, to manor house of Luznava and will happen during August 1st till August 3rd, and there project „VIDES DEJA” will be held next year as well.
  International contemporary dance festival „VIDES DEJA” has occured for six years, bringing togetherchoreographers, dancers, musicians, dance enthusiasts and other dance-related arts artists and theorists.During these six years have staged and shown more than 50 site-specific dance performances, more than 20 Latvian and foreign contemporary dance performances, more than 30 choreographers, dance and performing arts theorists, practitioners and musicians have given masterclasses and workshops, about 250 dance enthusiasts and local people have been involved in site-specific dance performances and workshops.
    In previous years „VIDES DEJA” took place in district of Ropaži, bus as project creator Lilija Lipora says, „this year „VIDES DEJA” will bring together dance lovers and visitors in manor house of Luznava to get inspiration from this place and its surroundings, to create new pieces, to develop further creative cooperations and promotecontemporary dance art and its diversity.”
    In a frame of program of „VIDES DEJA” in manor of Luznava, everybody will be able to attend dance movie night, dance performance, to watch established site-specific dance performances and also to watch site-specific performance „In Reflection of Luznava”, which embodied manor of Luznava last year and was nominated for the Latgale culture award “Boņuks”. Production„In Reflection of Luznava” has shaped multi-professional team,one of which is Lithuanian musician, composer, woodwind virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Sauļus Petreikis (Saulius Petreikis) and his group.
    During the project „VIDES DEJA” manor of Luznava will also offer tours and opportunity to book place of tent for overnight stay as well.
   Project „VIDES DEJA” is organized by Dance support foundation „Stars’ Well” and municipality of Luznava. Project is funded by National Culture capital foundation and district of Rezekne.